January…it’s finally over. This may only be my 3rd professional year but even I can tell you that January was something else. The Thunder schedule alone provided only 9 total days in Oklahoma City throughout all of January, and when you’re in my position, splitting time between NBA and D-League, the time gets even shorter. In total I spent about a week in my own home this month. Don’t get me wrong, the opportunity to travel and see things most people will never get the chance to is something I appreciate, but along with that comes the side affect of never being home. If I lived alone that may be no big deal but I’ve got people at home that I miss every second I’m away. Now that January is finally over I’m sitting here in my home loving every minute. I guess that’s a benefit of all this travel is I’ve begun to truly appreciate my home and what comes with it. I love every second of my time here with the people and the things that I love. But I never regret the opportunity to go out on the road and play the game I love and give the ones I love a life we used to dream about…img_0312

My family

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