Outside of a very select few, you can ask any nba player if their career has gone how they thought it would and I can almost guarantee they’ll answer with a resounding “no”. Part of what makes it possible for anyone to make it to this level is the lifelong dream/desire to be the best that’s ever done it. To be a star. A legend. Like Mike. Now obviously not everyone can become that but you can’t deny it’s importance in developing your skill and love for the game. I could be wrong but I think you’d be hard pressed to find a child who’s dream is to be a role player. Yet, 90% of this league is exactly that, and for every role player in the league there’s dozens of players on the outskirts, desperate to get a foot in the door. None of us saw ourselves crammed on a bus on a 3 hour drive with a driver who must wear out his brake pads every trip. Now in my 3rd year I’m here in Frisco, TX to play with our D-league affiliate. Like what I mentioned earlier, this isn’t the path I saw my career taking. But here I am…and to be honest, I’m ok. Not to say I’m satisfied in any way shape or form, but because this is my path. This is my journey. Like every other player in this locker room this is a stepping stool to another destination. So for now, Frisco is my favorite place on earth. 


3 thoughts on “Frisco

  1. Josh this blog and your insight is unbelievable. In a World that is about me…you make it about others, the experience and most importantly the relationships along the way. I was very blessed to spend 4 years with you as a young kid who became a Man upon graduation. Best of luck and I’ll continue to follow you.

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