Three years. That’s how long it’s been since my college career came to and end in Memphis, Tennessee at the hands of the Dayton Fliers in the Sweet Sixteen. I figured what better time to write and reflect on that time in my life than during this year’s Sweet Sixteen. There’s so much emotion surrounding this time of year. For every coach with a super soaker there’s another consoling a team with players who will never play together again, and many of them who’s careers are officially over. My time in college was anything but perfect. I think most athletes, let alone college students can relate to that. There’s regrets, shortcomings, and letdowns that we’ll carry with us for the rest of our lives. With that being said, there’s absolutely nothing I would change about my time in college. In my 4 years at school, we were only every lucky enough to make the NCAA tournament once (my senior year). While this was a crushing failure my first three years to make that dream a reality, I really think it made my solo appearance that much more special. College basketball is a special thing. Something that the NBA can’t replicate. When I arrived on campus as an 18 year old kid from Montana, I was thrust into this family of players from around the country. We ate, lived, and studied together. These guys became my best friends. It’s still astonishing to me that it’s all over and it’s even been 3 years. Each one of my teammates is off doing incredible things in different areas. Our time passed and, even though at the time our loss was devastating, today I look back on it with pride. Knowing we finished with an accomplishment to be proud of. Something we’ll always remember, that was made even more special by who we made it with. But what I wouldn’t give for one more game with them…NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Dayton vs Stanford


One thought on “Madness

  1. Beautifully said by a very mature mind! We often get in such a hurry to get some place we forget to enjoy the journey. You


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