January…it’s finally over. This may only be my 3rd professional year but even I can tell you that January was something else. The Thunder schedule alone provided only 9 total days in Oklahoma City throughout all of January, and when you’re in my position, splitting time between NBA and D-League, the time gets even shorter. In total I spent about a week in my own home this month. Don’t get me wrong, the opportunity to travel and see things most people will never get the chance to is something I appreciate, but along with that comes the side affect of never being home. If I lived alone that may be no big deal but I’ve got people at home that I miss every second I’m away. Now that January is finally over I’m sitting here in my home loving every minute. I guess that’s a benefit of all this travel is I’ve begun to truly appreciate my home and what comes with it. I love every second of my time here with the people and the things that I love. But I never regret the opportunity to go out on the road and play the game I love and give the ones I love a life we used to dream about…img_0312

My family

San Antonio

Call it what you want but I love zoos. And with how many different cities I get to visit I figure…why not? It’s easy to relate to these animals in a way. There they are displayed for our entertainment/viewing pleasure while we remain unaware of the lives these animals lived prior to captivity, or outside the 9 hours per day the zoo is open. Sound familiar? Beyond any of the symbolism I’m trying to convey…it’s hard to ignore the raw beauty that exists here. I’m just trying to capture it.


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The Start

I guess for my first blog post it’s only right that with it I include the first photos I edited that essentially got me hooked on the photography and editing. I’m by no means a pro or highly knowledgeable…but it’s a process, like anything else. What a lot of people may not know (at least I didn’t) is how much free time there is in this life. You spend 3-4 hours at the gym…what are you gonna do with the other 20-21? If you don’t find that thing to fill that space or at least offer a temporary distraction you can find yourself in a bad place. We are more than what we do…we have dreams, aspirations, hobbies…lives. I guess this is a peek into mine.dsc_0043dsc_0519